Current status…

Dear Guests,

Welcome to the website of Uylkens Hof, Mini Camping and B&B!
No, the way you will see the area with the safari tents and the area next to it with the two B&Bs now, is not the way it looked when we bought it in 2005. Then it was mostly pasture, surrounded by alder and oak, but we loved it. Fantastic that space, that still existed in the Netherlands! Just before we ever had as a couple at the kitchen table with a glass of wine sit musing over our lives. Our three daughters were at an age when they are in not too long a time would fly out and what to do?

Where we wanted more of and less of what we wanted? Living and working in the Randstad, we mainly wanted more green, more space, away from the traffic jams, the follow stomped trains and trams.

We wanted the “France” feeling. As we called it. And when we walked in to this part of the Netherlands. Driving back to Leiden, we have made an offer, and when we got home was the sale closed. A decent impulse purchase I say.

But what inspires a man to start a campsite? And a B & B? I can hear you thinking. Well, we wanted more space, more green, a place to relax.
But we remain townspeople and enjoy those around us.

We therefore invite you cordially to come to our camp in one of our safari tents, (but of course you can, if you really are not a camper, choose one of the two B & B), and then we hope to have a piece of that delicious “France” feeling to be able to share with you.

Rogier and Yolanda